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Announced that Solar Frontier attained 19.7% of the energy conversion efficiency! Can you believe?

It was announced that the solar frontier attained 19.7% (it measures in the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) of the energy conversion efficiency which serves as a world record as a cell (about 0.5 square centimeter) of the thin film solar cell which does not contain cadmium in response to joint research with NEDO.

This world record is what was realized in the chip started from the cell which wad cut from 30-cm square board ,which were not developed for small area, and explains that proves the potential height of the future formation of large area in the company.


Gion festival in Chiba

You can see the festival for Gion in Chiba. It’s amazing !

Gion Festival In Kyoto

If you plan to travel in Kyoto, you should check the festival. We have several festivals in Kyoto for several months at several area.

Lantern Festival in Kuki, Saitama, Japan


It is very famous festival in Kuki, Saitama-ken.

They will start on July.

You can try the roketsuzome at Nakajima-ya

Nakashimaya is a traditional Japanese inn located in downtown Kumamoto.
We provide Japanese-style tatami rooms with futons starting at 2500 yen per night.
You can enjoy taking a stroll by Kumamoto castle, one of the three best castles in Japan.